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12th Jan 2021

Dublin woman sets up stunning mobile bridal makeup studio in a horsebox

Brian Dillon

Dublin woman sets up stunning mobile bridal makeup studio in a horsebox

Since the beginning of the first lockdown, we’ve seen so many unreal unique businesses pop up in and around the city, a wonderful testament to the creative minds that inhabit our city. And this mobile bridal makeup studio in a horsebox is no exception.

Dublin woman Aoife Hayes has posted pictures of her quirky business creation to Instagram, writing:

“I’ve been dying to share some pictures of something I’m too excited to hold in any longer. I’d always had an image of a studio I could use on the road in my head, but couldn’t have imagined the hard work my talented dad would put in to help bring my ideas to life, I could never thank him enough. Fingers and toes all crossed for a busy summer.

“My Bridal diary is now open for summer 2021 weddings.”

Well, this looks absolutely class. Explaining how her Dad helped her put the studio together, the photos show a seriously stunning small space inside the horsebox as Aoife hopes to have a busy 2021 wedding season in her mobile bridal makeup studio.

We love to see it!

In December, it was revealed that the number of people allowed to attend weddings from January 3 would be reduced to six. Current Level 5 restrictions are set to be reviewed by the government in the coming weeks.

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