Experts Say That This Is What's Causing Your Migraines

Feeling a bit worse for wear recently? Here's why...

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Headaches come and headaches go, but it doesn't stop them from being bloody annoying. 

For those of you suffering from migraines, you know how unbearable they can be. But, do you know why they happen? And so frequently?

Well, doctors have come up with an answer to explain. According to experts at the Migraine Association of Ireland (yep, that's a thing) the sudden drop in weather is one of the main reasons you experience more throbbing headaches than usual.

The Association say the condition is more prominent during autumn and winter, as the air pressure and humidity changes along with daylight hours getting shorter, resulting in your brain not being able to function properly.

Sooo, that's why you've been feeling a little more worse for wear than usual.

That or the Thursday night pints... Either or.

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Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin.