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Have You Paid Your Irish Water Bill? You Could Be Due A Refund

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Are you one of the many who paid your Irish Water bill? Well then have we got news for you. 

A full refund could potentially be on the way to you.

According to The Irish Times, this refund is happening with thanks to a group of 20 TDs who are presently putting together a report for the Dáil based on the future of the company.

In this report, they have suggested giving refunds to those who’ve paid, which will be presented to the Dáil in March.

A vote will then be cast. 

While the general consensus is set on refunding the money, the decision still needs to be made on what way is best to do this. Either through cash refunds, tax credits or to possibly develop an opt-in, opt-out system.

The group of TDs is to meet on Tuesday and on Wednesday of this week to agree upon the final draft of the report, which is to be sent to the Dáil in time for a vote on its findings on March 13.

The total amount to be refunded has not yet been calculated.

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