This Shocking Footage Shows Joyriders Leading Gardaí On A Chase In Ballyfermot In Broad Daylight

This video has gone insanely viral in less than 24 hours

Ballyfermot Joyriders Gardai

The video below shows a group of teenagers leading Gardaí on a chase in Ballyfermot in broad daylight.

The group of Joyriders, all said to be from the Ballyfermot area were caught on camera as they sped through Dublin roads.

The clips were posted to Social Media and have gone extremely viral since Saturday.

The driver was driving at crazy speeds through the main roads of the Dublin area and was egged on by his mates who were saying things like 'faster, faster'.

The video can be found here if it's not playing in the article.

It is said that the joyriders broke red lights while driving also.

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