Michael Healy-Rae Goes Full Liam Neeson With His Message For A Dublin Bike Thief

By James Fenton

June 20, 2018 at 2:51pm


If you've ever owned a bike in Dublin you know the risks involved with leaving it lying around. There are any number of light-fingered thieves just waiting for their opportunity and before you know it, one of your most important possessions is gone forever.

That exact thing happened to Independent TD Michael Healy-Rae when he took a trip to the passport office on Mount Street today and it's fair to say he's not too pleased.

The Kerryman must have stuck on an old Taken DVD recently because he went full Liam Neeson in a Facebook post after the incident saying:

'A message to the horrible thief that stole my bike outside the passport office in Dublin this morning.

'I am looking for you, I will find you and it will be a sorry day for you that you ever decided to mess with me and my property'


He even went on to include an angry emoji and you have to feel sorry for him all the same. Hopefully he's learned to leave his bike in a more secure location next time.

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