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16th Aug 2020

Minister Harris encouraging people to ‘think of someone in your life and do it for them’

Sarah Finnan

Minister Harris

Heartening the public to continue fighting the good fight, Minister Simon Harris took to Twitter last night to remind people that there is still a long way to go when it comes to containing the spread of Covid-19.

Asking that we “redouble our efforts”, he encouraged people to think of someone close to them and use that as further motivation to wear a mask and continue adhering to public health guidelines.

Wouldn’t we do anything for family? What if your mum has a lung condition & is doing everything she can to keep well during #Covid19?Well, mine does. So when I keep distance, reduce contacts & wear my mask, I do it thinking of her. Think of someone in your life & do it for them.”

Adding that we managed to come together and work to change the trajectory of Covid-19 before, he reiterated that August is just as important a month in fighting the virus.

“We are not powerless. For our families, friends & country, let’s all redouble our efforts. We must. We can’t not. Stay safe.”

This comes after the Department of Health was notified of 200 additional cases of Covid-19 yesterday – bringing the country’s total number of cases to date to just over 27,000.

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