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18th Oct 2019

Moore Street to be restored to its ‘former glory’

Brian Dillon

Moore Street

Moore Street is possibly one of the most iconic streets in Dublin and perfectly encompasses the best things about our city and the people who live here.

But in recent years, the future of the market street has been uncertain.

Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Josepha Madigan has now said that she intends to go ahead with plans to restore the street to its ‘former glory’.

A report by the Moore Street Advisory Group (MSAG) explains that the street has “huge potential” to become a “cultural and heritage hub” in the city. Now, Minister Josepha Madigan plans to go ahead with the report’s recommendations.

Speaking to the CAbinet this week, the minister echoed the report in saying that the street could become a “more vibrant street market in the area”.

This comes after the 17 registered traders signed a petition directed to Dublin City Council, asking them to save Moore Street from demolition.

The petition stated:

“It was in Moore Street the GPO garrison took their last stand in 1916; it was also where the bitter decision to surrender was taken.

“Chartered Land, a property speculator, plans to build a shopping mall from O’Connell St, demolishing most of this iconic street, dwarfing the four National Monument houses and totally changing the character of this historic street market.

“Chartered Land, who are in NAMA, owns most of Moore St. and over the years let it run down and deteriorate.

“Moore Street and its surrounding lane-ways from the GPO are a unique battlefield site recognised abroad. If restored sensitively it could be the jewel of the city.

Meanwhile, Ms Madigan reportedly wants to promote Moore Street’s status as a national monument. Rumours have been circulating of the possibility of a visitor centre featuring an exhibition around the 1916 Rising.

In recent years, court cases have taken place regarding what buildings in the area should be designated as national monuments.