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PIC: Paddy ‘Pintman’ Losty’s Grand-Niece Is Actually A Well-Known Dublin Person

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We wouldn’t be fond of talking about Paddy ‘Pintman’ Losty, but when we do, we discuss it awful, very hard.

What’s there to be said about the famous ‘Irish drinker’ that hasn’t been said already.

We don’t know what impresses us the most. The fact he can put away 45 pints, the fact that he could wolf down a fry the next morning after that sort of session or the fact that he’d go “at it again” without a moments hesitation.

Well, it turns out that the face behind Paddy Losty is actually grand-uncle to a very well known Dublin face.

*Worth noting that the face who represents the ‘Pintman’ we know, is quite different to the real Paddy Losty.

Senator Lynn Ruane documents in her book that she is related to the great man, and thought that it was “unfair” that his face was being used in this way.

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“His face was everywhere for a few years. He was one of the ‘pintmen’ whose photo was used in a book on Dublin pubs.

“Somebody stuck his face onto an Internet meme and it went viral. I showed some of the photos to me ma and while we found the funny side to some of them, it felt a little unfair that this man’s face was being used to take the piss,” she said in an excerpt from her book.

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