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31st Aug 2017

Roddy Doyle Had Some Controversial Things To Say About The GAA This Week


Gaelic games are widely recognised across the globe as being a great example of skill, stamina and sporting rivalry.

And while thousands all over the country are getting set for the All-Ireland hurling and football finals, author Roddy Doyle had some less than complimentary comments to make about the GAA this week.

Speaking to the Second Captains podcast, Doyle described the sports as “a bit of a con job” and a way for people to pass time while they waited for the soccer season to return.

“I always feel that GAA is really football supporters getting through the summer. People will probably be up in arms when I say that.

“I always feel that GAA to a degree is a bit of a con job. When you see the reports on the Sunday news and you’re looking at empty stadiums and Marty going berserk and there’s 27 kids behind him.I think it’s a good propaganda job that they get away with there.”

He might want to keep the head down when the Dub fans are heading to Croker in a few weeks time…

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