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18th Aug 2017

Swimmers At Dun Laoghaire ‘Terrified’ By Dangerous Jet Skis


Swimmers at the popular Sea Point bathing spot in south Dublin were left “terrified” after two Jet Skis were driving dangerously in the water yesterday evening.

The Irish Coast Guard received 112 calls from “very aggravated & terrified swimmers”, Dún Laoghaire Coast Guard (DLCG) said in a Facebook post, with people at the scene reporting that the Jet Skis were conducting high speed manoeuvres inside the swim safety zone, in and around swimmers.

DLCG arrived at the scene and witnessed the situation, stating that it was “clear that many of terrified swimmers stayed out of the water due to the dangerous behaviour.”

Swimmers that did brave the water deployed their safety tow floats.

The first Dún Laoghaire Coast Guard unit remained on scene with flashing blue lights hoping the Jet Skies would realise that something was wrong but to no avail. Their second unit followed the Jet Skies on land to the Coal Harbour and requested assistance from local Gardai to prevent this dangerous behaviour continuing.

The three Jet Ski users (who had no license or training) where confronted and advised of the local DLRCC bye laws, the harbour bye laws and the maritime offences being broken, and the Jet Skiers agreed to adhere to safe procedures of operating this craft in water.

DLCG recommended that all Swimmers use safety tow floats in congested water, for their own personal safety.

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