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10th May 2020

TD says hairdressers provide an “essential service” amid calls for them to reopen

James Fenton

Fianna Fail TD Robert Troy has called for the reopening of hairdressers, saying that they offer an “essential service” to the Irish public.

The situation around hairdressers and Covid-19 has been much-debated recently, with people in the industry calling on the government to allow them to open in June instead of July.

Mr. Troy has now added his weight to the argument by saying: “Many people are anxious about having to wait another three months to get a haircut from a professional.

“Every village and town up and down the country have a number of hairdresser’s businesses, which provide an essential service to citizens.

“Following the publication of the Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business, salons and barbers will have to stay closed until July 20th, with the distinct possibility that some of these businesses permanently closing.”

Mr. Troy added that Ireland could follow the lead of other European nations, saying: “Given that countries such as Denmark, France, Spain and Germany are permitting their hairdressers to reopen under strict guidelines this month, why can’t Ireland follow suit?

“Another unintended consequence of hairdressers remaining closed until July is the probable emergence of black-market activity, which will unlikely be carried out under safety guidelines.”

He also said he is calling on Business Minister Heather Humphreys to “urgently review the government decision taken and for the hairdresser sector to reopen sooner than envisaged in the plan published under appropriate safety measures.”

Currently, hairdressers are scheduled to open in phase 4 of the government roadmap which begins on July 20. Mr. Troy and those within the industry are hoping that this will be brought forward to phase 3 which starts on June 29.