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15th Jul 2018

The Disgusting Thing Dublin Bus Drivers Are Doing That You Might Not Know

Darragh Berry

The Journal has found that Dublin Bus drivers are having to urinate into bottles due to the lack of access to toilet facilities on their routes.

A source within the National Bus and Rail Union told the publication that Dublin Bus had started to “crack the whip” among drivers who requested a toilet break.

The bus drivers have stopped in local depots if needed but their supervisors have started writing up reports about the disruption to the service when this happens.

“What’s happening in some places is that drivers are urinating in bottles. We’ve had complaints from people in housing estates saying they don’t want their kids looking out the window and seeing the driver urinating at the bus,” the source told the online publication.

Sadly, this is not new information and reports of this kind have happened previously in Dublin.

In 2008, A bus driver who was carrying out his bus route on the north side needed the toilet so bad that he had to pull over for 10 minutes at a pub.

He announced to passengers over the intercom that “Dublin Bus did not provide toilet facilities on routes that don’t have a depot at the terminus.”

“When you are on a route that goes between two areas and doesn’t have a bus terminus, there are no toilet facilities at either end. I’ve heard stories of other drivers having to pee into a bottle,” the driver alleged.

Dublin Bus said: “It is not possible to provide our own toilet facilities at termini across the city due to our extensive route network. However, drivers are advised to use the toilet facilities of local amenities.”

Lovin Dublin has reached out to National Bus and Rail Union for further comment.

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