The Entire Internet Is Making The EXACT Same Joke About British Astronaut Tim Peake

Come on guys, surely we're better than this...


As you probably have been aware, if you've been anywhere the internet in the last 48 hours, British astronaut Tim Peake is currently on board a Soyuz rocket en route to a six-month posting on the International Space Station.

Predictably, since Peake is the first British citizen to fly on an agency space mission (there have been others, but they were private contractors and naturalised US citizens), the internet on this side of the pond has gone a bit mental about it all.

And even more predictably, everyone has made the EXACT SAME OBSERVATION ABOUT HIS NAME.

(Bear in mind, this is just a tiny sample)

A little bit of variation here at least...

And we're back.

Come on, internet, you can do better than this...

Evidently not.

In fact, it's become so bad that they've started interacting with one another...

And this one...

... followed by:

Was it, though? Was it really?

No, Con, we have not.

But we've certainly reached peak 'Peak Tim Peake'.