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20th Dec 2016

‘This Is Abuse By The State’: Ireland’s Shambolic Health System Summed Up In One Letter


This may make you a bit mad.

Eileen Kearney-O’Toole shared this post earlier this week to highlight the plight of her young son Dylan – and so far, it’s been shared just shy of 1,000 times.

After being diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, Dylan was referred to Tallaght hospital for treatment, she explained.

Then, she got this letter in the post:


According to Eileen:

At this stage I don’t care who gets into government but please, please fix the health system, and I hope the outgoing government are happy with themselves. This is abuse by the state.

She said she was sharing the post in the hope that it would shed light on the shambolic situation, pleading:

“Can I please get everyone to share this post to highlight how bad the health system and waiting lists are here in Ireland.”

A good response so far, it would appear. But will it be heard?