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13th Mar 2018

UCD Mens Hockey Team Apologise Over Offensive Instagram Posts


UCD Mens Hockey Club has issued a public apology after posts appeared on their Instagram containing offensive material in regards to a player from Corinthians Hockey Club, and the player’s wife. 

The University Observer reports that the content was posted online after a match between the two clubs, which UCD won 3-2. 

The first Instagram comment posted from the official UCD Mens Hockey account was under a photo of the Corinthians players and said: “Here… enjoy this loss, you’re a pussy and you’ve let your rig go.” A second comment was then posted from Andrew Meates, a UCD player saying, “But nowhere near as bad as your wife’s rig.”

It is reported that several more offensive posts were published, including a poll that asked viewers to choose whether the photo of a man’s bum crack was the Grand Canyon or the Corinthians player’s wife’s “crease.”

The Corinthians player wrote on Facebook that he was “deeply hurt and disgusted,” at these images, but this statement was later deleted.

UCD Mens Hockey Club released an apology on Sunday evening on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. It says: “UCD Mens Hockey Club would like to unreservedly apologize… for posts and related comments made on social media this weekend. The references made on the official Instagram page were completely unacceptable, and do not represent the character of the club. Those directly affected by derogatory comments made have been personally contacted and apologized to. The public comments were not made with insidious intentions, but we acknowledge and accept that they were absolutely out of order. Internal disciplinary action is being taken.”

All posts have since been deleted.