We Just Tried The Terry's Chocolate Orange McFlurry And Here's What We Thought

"9.7/10 life-changing"

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We've been dying to get our hands on the new Terry's Chocolate Orange McFlurry since we announced it last week

It is a truly beautiful concept – perfectly whipped McFlurry ice cream, Terry's Chocolate Orange pieces and dreamy Terry's Chocolate Orange sauce. 


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So I kindly volunteered to go out and buy some, and here's what the LD team thought:

Kate – 9.7/10 "Life-changing"

"Pros: Tastes exactly how you want it to, except better – creamy, crunchy, orangey.

Cons: Wish it was slightly better mixed."

James – 8.2/10 "Revoluntionary"

"If you like Terry's Chocolate Orange you'll love this orangey chococately taste sensation."

Daryl – 5.2/10 "Mediocre"

"Good, but doesn’t meet the lofty expectations I had of it, needs a bit more orange."

Alana – 8.5/10 "Whopper"

"Consistency: Perfect. 

Temperature: To a T. 

Ratio: 8:1 ratio of ice cream to chocolate pieces and chocolate orange-y sauce. No complaints.

Presentation: Lack-lustre. They weren't even served in the actual Terry's Chocolate Orange McFlurry cups :("

Louise – 0.5/10

"When the words "McFlurry run" were thrown around the office I was very excited, but when I learned we were getting the brand new Terry's Chocolate Orange one I was ridiculously excited. 

But when it finally landed on my desk and I got to taste it? Disappointment isn't even the word. 

Faux ice-cream with an undertone of artificial orange? Mmm... my favourite. Not."

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Have you tried it yet?

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