12 Of The Funniest Signs Ever Spotted On The Streets Of Dublin

Dublin is clearly brimming with amateur comedians...

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Dubliners are funny feckers, and they like to share their gasness (gaseousness?) through the medium of signs.

Any sign will do: chalkboard, post-it, printout, they all do the job. Whether they're designed to make you laugh, make you think, or even to insult you, they're always worth a look.

Here are a few that we've enjoyed immensely...

Good advice

Pub talk

More Trump banter

A busy week at The Beer Market

A message to the youth of today

Interesting facts from Bread & Butter

Well this is handy

You might have to do a double take

A real life-changer

Taking that pizza obsession to new heights

Honesty IS the best policy

A shop that REALLY doesn't know how to sell itself

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