If You're Not Already Following This Labradoodle On Instagram, What The Hell Is Wrong With You?

Mr. Reagan is quite the heartbreaker...

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This is exactly what your Monday morning needed....

'What's a labradoodle?!' I hear you say. Well, it's only a cross between a labrador and a poodle which creates potentially the cutest dog on the planet. 

Give him an ol' follow and prepare to double tab just about every photo you encounter....

He loves pizza just as much as we do

And cookies too

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Mr. Reagan is a bag fan of snuggly nights in

His coffee addiction is just as bad as ours

A photo posted by Reagandoodle (@reagandoodle) on

This champ knows that everybody deserves a holiday every now and then

A photo posted by Reagandoodle (@reagandoodle) on

And he's well aware of the all important sunset pic for Insta

He loves rainbows

And playgrounds,


A photo posted by Reagandoodle (@reagandoodle) on

And boogying

And is never one to turn down a spot of yoga

A photo posted by Reagandoodle (@reagandoodle) on

But most of all, Mr. Reagan loves naps

A labradoodle after our own hearts!

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Fíodhna Horan Murphy

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