PICS: If You Wanted A Cookie Today, I Have Got Some Seriously Bad News For You

We might forgive and forget, but only because this is so adorable.

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People of Dublin, I have some terrible news.

If you wanted a cookie today, or more specifically a cookie from The Dublin Cookie Company, you are going to be very disappointed .... 

The shop is closed today, but for an incredibly cute reason.

The Dublin Cookie Co Main

Credit: The Dublin Cookie Co Facebook

The owners are off to get married, so they shut up shop!

Fear not, you will be able to get your cookies as per come Monday.

If you still can't wait, here is a picture of a yum cookie. You are welcome.


Credit: The Dublin Cookie Co Facebook

Absolutely huge congratulations to the happy couple! If anyone knows them, ask them to get in touch and tell us how their big day went!

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