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15th Mar 2017

PICS: Today Was Officially Warm Enough For Some Sneaky Cans Outside


Grab your sunglasses and start stocking up on yer cans of cider, because we’re officially calling it: The weather is nice enough to start drinking outside in town.

The glorious tidings came v early this year (jaysus sure isn’t it only the middle of March?), and it looks like the busy bees of Dublin city were only too delighted to loosen their ties and kick back along the canal with a sneaky li’l beverage.

Just look how jammers outside The Barge in Portobello was today:

Img 4234
Img 4231

People were chilling out as far as the eye could see – one fella even set up a slack line (everyone knows you get bonus points for outdoor activities whilst day drinking).

Img 4238
Full Size Render 1

And of course, Stephen’s Green was also packed with carefree can connoisseurs – we envy all of you <3 

Img 4227

If only Dublin was this nice all year round eh? Make the most of it lads, the weekend is not looking promising.

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