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20th Dec 2016

14 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Porridge This Morning


Ah, breakfast foods. 

The healthiest of them all, by far, has to be porridge. Porridge has quite literally dozens of benefits – the major one being that it’s one of the only breakfasts that actually fills you up until lunch, while still tasting deadly. 

Also, the list of possibilities is totally and completely endless when it comes to tastes, toppings and flavours of this sweet, sweet breakfast food. 

So, you need to ask yourself: are you stuck in a porridge rut? If so, these topping suggestions should set you straight…

1. Pomegranate, dark chocolate, seeds and a dollop of greek yoghurt

Drizzle a tablespoon of honey on top and you’re laughing. 

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2. Peanut butter, dates, almonds, granola and pecans 

Golden and delicious. 

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3. Strawberry compote and granola

A sweet treat to kick off your morning. 

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4. Honey, cinnamon and white chocolate flakes 

Dreamy, light and one for-sure way to get you out of bed. 

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5. Peanut butter and banana

Simple and effective. 

Top tip: Melt a dollop of peanut butter in the microwave before drizzling over your bowl, so that you get ample amounts of PB everywhere. 

Lumps of the stuff are good too though, in fairness.

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6. Walnuts, blueberries and maple syrup

Walnuts are great for heart health, maintaining weight and full of protein. Blueberries are a super food and maple syrup is laden with nutrients, and tastes delish. Win win.

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7. Baked apples and cinnamon

Great with honey, yoghurt, seeds and well, anything really.

Want to treat yo’self even further? Drizzle salted caramel on top. You’re welcome.

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8. Dates, nuts and almond butter 

Good fats, shed loads of protein and absolutely delicious. This will 100% fill you up until lunch, trust us.

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9. Raisins and cinnamon

Easy, effective and ingredients that you will for sure have tucked away in your cupboards on any given day. Add some brown sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth, and you’re away. 

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10. Nutella, hazelnuts and strawberries

Because somedays, you just need Nutella in the morning. 

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11. Raspberries, pistachios and almond flakes 

The tanginess of the raspberries works so well with the saltiness of the pistachios. This one has to be tasted to be believed. 

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12. Mango, pineapple and desiccated coconut 

A tropical twist for days that you don’t need to wear eight layers to survive. 

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13. Peach and blueberry

You can get large tinned peaches for next to nothing in the supermarket.

Throw in a bit of tahini if you’re feeling brave, and you’re completely set up for the day. 

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14. Greek yoghurt and chia seeds

For those of you who aren’t keen on a hot breakfast. These oats can be made overnight or first thing in the morning. 

We suggest Greek yoghurt, but really any type of yoghurt will do. Treat yo’ self.

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And here’s some more #PorridgePorn shots for those of you looking for inspiration

You’re welcome.

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