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When you think of the very best pizza, it usually tends to be made by Italians. Little places like Di Mimmo's or Manifesto, which pop up in the most random areas of town, sell the most incredible pizza in the city. Good pizza is worth traveling for though, so nobody minds. At the other end of the spectrum you have the likes of Dominos, Four Star and the various fast food joints who make their money from people who are dealing with the fear on a Sunday evening. There is a middle ground though and that's what I wanted to focus on today... Very good pizza for the masses.


Honest to Goodness are known for their salads and they've been flying since moving to their larger premises just beside Odessa. Given the growing popularity of their brand, they've decided to add on an unusual new venture for a health food business, and that is a pizza restaurant. You can have your fill of salads and juices downstairs, but if you want a big feed of carbs then they have that market covered upstairs too.


When you walk into the place it is warm, friendly and has no pretences. The first big box is ticked when you see a wood fired pizza oven. Always a winner. The staff are charming and make you feel at ease. It is more of a casual dining atmosphere, which most of us prefer these days. I ordered my pizza and was brought out some dough balls while I waited. I fucking hate dough balls. I mean I love the taste of them and they are delicious, but they are the most pointless little starter ever. Nearly every pizza place serves them and all they do is fill you up before the main offering. Don't give me dough before my dough because although I don't want to eat them, I always end up having every single one. I think of it like getting a mini burger before my burger main course. Or some plain pasta before my main course pasta carbonara.


The pizza was awesome. I just had a margherita because I use that as the yardstick to judge pizza places. Mess that up and things are only going to get worse when the toppings are added on. It was a really good pizza and was ready in about 3 minutes after it hit the oven which is a great sign. I'd put it up there with Milanos. I know most people will turn their eyes up at pizza from a chain, but I think they do what they do very well. Same as Honest to Goodness. This isn't among the top 3 in town, but it is right behind them. What I love about this place is the buzz of the room. It's a place to go with a group of mates before a night out for a pizza and a few bottles of wine. There are no airs and graces, it is just good quality food done well and served with a smile. Amazing how many places can't do that right.

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If I was to give it marks out of ten it would be an 8.5/10. They only lost a mark for not being Italian (there is something about Italian waiters shouting at each other that adds something to a pizza) and maybe half mark for a better sauce and higher end cheese, but this is a solid effort. A great little addition to a part of town that is already packed with good places to eat.

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