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20th Dec 2016

The Perfect Lunch Spot For Whopper Slices Of Pizza, Tasty Pasta And Deadly Sambos


For something so simple, pizza comes in all shapes and sizes. You’d think the round version was the perfect culinary invention but I’ve seen it in squares, mini triangles and even served in a cone. Which leads me to question, why fix something when it was never broken?

When it comes to pizza in Dublin you have some brilliant restaurant options. We also have a bunch of takeaway choices, and it’s a nightly occurrence to see people carrying a frozen one out of their local SPAR for a quick, handy dinner. The problem with a good pizza though is that you’re not always in the mood for greasy takeaway, nor do you want to sit in a restaurant where the bill invariably comes to €25 per person.

Luckily there is a middle of the road spot that offers restaurant style pizza on the go, while also ticking all the boxes for those on a budget, and that place is Credo.


The place has been around for a few years, having changed owner and undergoing a revamp in the process, but changes have never affected the pizza. You can order traditional pizzas to eat in or takeaway, and they are excellent (if a little expensive).

The real value lies in their pizza slices, which they heat up for you on the spot. They are absolutely fucking enormous and one would fill the average person for a few hours. You get a slice and a can of Coke for the ridiculous price of €3.75, which is just about the cheapest tastiest food you’ll find in Dublin for lunch.

They were also one of the first restaurants to cop on to the new trend (as well as all the legitimate coeliacs) of eating gluten free. They have their own separate gluten free kitchen and I’ve been told their gluten free pizzas are among the best in town.


I love that the place is cheap, quick and serves awesome food at lunchtime. If you’re getting your lunch to takeaway, you are in and out in less than 5 minutes – and you’re never disappointed. They also serve up daily pasta deals, and have big fat juicy sandwiches, but to be honest you’d be a fool to look past the pizza!

If only the fucking weather would improve you’d be able to grab a slice and take it into the gorgeous Iveagh Gardens to enjoy a perfect Dublin lunchtime. They do delivery and office food if you’re chained to your desk, and the staff are as cheery as you’ll find in Dublin. Give it a spin – and forget your no carbs rule just for one lunchtime!