Great Guide - The 10 Best Places To Dance The Night Away In Dublin

By admin

July 18, 2018 at 9:23am


Dublin is a hub of wildly fun activity. Culturally, it's wicked. Musically, it's astounding. And with regards to nightlife - it's knocked it out of the park.

But sometimes finding the perfect club can be the most arduous of tasks. Here's our pick of the best of the best, where you won't be able to sit down, because the tunes are that good.

1. Mother

Having recently moved from its old home in Copper Alley to Eustace Street, Mother is all about wild dancing, deadly tunes and having the best time.

2. The Button Factory

A deadly venue with loads of space, seriously good acts and even better club nights. Run by people who eat, sleep and breathe music - this space is filled with like-minded dance lovers who love to party. Get on down.

3. Xico

There's no better place to party than Xico.

There's whopper tunes to compliment the Mexican vibe. There's sombreros flying around the place and drink is flowing a plenty.

Get there on a Thursday for live bongos and trumpets.

Time to shake your maracas.

4. The Globe

Often disregarded, but always loved, The Globe's reputation precedes it - with every age group enjoying a guaranteed deadly night in this South Great George's Street haunt. Their selection of drinks and ample space to boogie draw the people in, but it's the music and super cool staff that make them stay.

5. Mercantile

The Mercantile is a fool proof spot for a night with friends. It's got so many levels to it and there's always a deadly atmosphere.

It's super central and it's right beside that GORJ fancy Spar - chicken fillet rolls post pints and bops is what dreams are made of.

6. Wigwam

Wigwam is a triple threat in terms of good times. A café by day, bar by evening, and club by night - here's where you'll get some proper boogying done any day of the week.

7. The Grand Social

Another big venue in which you have loads of room for shaking what your mother gave you. The Grand Social usually hosts impressive DJs and really cool bands, and they often hold regular céilí dancing nights which, y'know, won't be for everyone, but props for doing something different.

8. 37 Dawson Street

This elegant spot always supplies the tunes.

There's a deadly dancing area at the back where crowds tend to gather nightly.

It's always a winner.

9. The Workmans Club

Situated on the quays, welcome to everyone and housed in an old Georgian mega-gaff - Workmans is as much of an experience as it is a good night out.

At the helm is DJ Deece, resident DJ Niall D'Arcy who is a master of playing exactly what the crowd wants, and can play anything from Justin Timberlake to Metallica on any given night.

10. No Name Bar

Mysterious and wildly good craic - No Name Bar is so named as the bar was never really given a name when it first opened. Known also as The Snail Bar, due to the random snail sign outside the entrance, this Fade Street haunt boasts great drinks and deadly tunes.