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05th Aug 2022

6 Unique experiences we’re looking forward to at Electric Picnic 2022

Fiona Frawley

After what seems like forever, the countdown is finally on.

Electric Picnic weekend is nearly upon us and as we gear ourselves up for the festival of the year, no one would blame you for feeling a tad rusty. A glance at the lineup will show heavy hitters like Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala and Dermot Kennedy gracing the main stage, plus this year NOW are sponsoring the Ah Hear, NOW stage, which will see some of the best in Irish podcasting talent grabbing the mic this year. Aside from that quick refresher, you might find yourself asking questions like “how many baby wipes are enough?” “are cowboy hats in again?” and “what unique experiences do I need to make sure I catch?”. The answers to the first two questions are more than you think and yes respectively, and your final answer can be found within this article, where we’ve rounded up 6 unique experiences we’re looking forward to at EP 2022.

Ah, Hear NOW!

For some bone tickling humour, brain food and food for thought, head along to the Ah, Hear NOW! stage. Catch some of the greatest Irish and international podcast talent, as the stage makes a welcome return with a new sponsor NOW!. Hear some of your favourite podcasts live, with shows like Hold My Drink with Charlene and Ellie, performing live alongside acts such as Blindboy Boatclub, The David McWilliams Podcast, I’m Grand Mam, Around the World in 80 Gays with Brian Kennedy and Katherine Lynch and Stall It with Darren and Joe. For an injection of fabulousness, head along to our personal pick Mockie Ah, Ireland’s biggest drag Haus and queer cabaret show, hosted by one of the country’s most celebrated queens, Candy Warhol.

GreenCrafts Village

If, like so many before you, you wake up on the Saturday morning shook within an inch of your life and in desperate need of grounding yourself somehow, fear not. Get back to nature with this off-grid, clean green energy village powered totally by the sun and people. Presented by Glastonbury Festival’s team, GreenCrafts is a crafter’s paradise with workshops available all weekend, whether you fancy making a flower crown, chopping wood or forging iron. Sure what else would you be doing at a festival, in fairness?


Only a few hundred people at the last incarnation of EP managed to find this elusive venue, a subterranean club pumping with German techno, accessed via a steep, dark tunnel. Its location was never fully revealed, and no pictures or videos or reports were shared. All you need to know is it was there, and it will be again. Will you be one of the lucky few to find it?

The Lake

Since the last time EP was on in its fully evolved form, the aul ✨wild swimming✨ has grown increasingly in popularity, with more of us than ever understanding the impact of a quick dip to dust off the cobwebs. We anticipate that more festival goers than ever will be packing their togs this year, and you can rest assured knowing there’ll be lifeguards on duty at all times.  

Africa Under Irish Skies

Nightly sessions from 7pm til late to be found on the Manifesto stage in EP’s vibrant Mindfield area, in which where African artists will be joined onstage by well-known Irish musicians to produce an exciting fusion of music. Dancing, tunes and rhymes featuring artists from South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe as well as a group of musicians formed in the Kinsale Road Accommodation Centre in 2018.

Apres Ski

Tucked casually away in the Trailer Park area of the festival you’ll find a fully fledged Apres Ski set up with an Alpine chalet, real snow and everything else to make you feel like you’re fresh off the slopes rather than in a field in Stradbally. Some things just make sense, and this is one of them.

What are you most looking forward to at this years festival?

Brought to you by NOW, sponsors of the Ah, Hear NOW! stage at this year’s Electric Picnic

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