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15th Mar 2023

Top 6 ‘parent-friendly’ places to eat in Dublin 2023

Emily Mullen

Much as we love them, not every spot in Dublin is parent friendly

Much like goldie locks a location that you bring your parents has to be not too cold not too warm but just right (although they will probably accept food that is too salty). Not everywhere in Dublin fits this bill, and plenty of places have been struck from the list for having some things that might offend the hypersensitivities of a mother or father- things like loud music, low-backed chairs or a strange menu. Here’s a list of spots in Dublin that we would deem to be friendly places for parents, that your mam or dad would find a hard time cribbin about:

6. Chequer Lane

Dublin 2’s 27 Exchequer Street, more info here

Chequer Lane is an ideal spot for graduation dinner or a family birthday, with classic crowd-pleaser dishes and interiors that’ll look great on the gram – a bit like your Granny’s living room, if your Granny’s living room was given a modern, open-plan makeover by Dermot Bannon. It’s in a great setting, with great big open windows that are ideal for watching the world go by, once your parents have nagged you about starting a pension and updated you on all the deaths in the local community.

5. The Pig’s Ear

Dublin 2’s 4 Nassau Street, for more info here 

Understated and fuss-free, The Pig’s Ear staff create a very relaxed unpretentious atmosphere, above the hustle and bustle of Nassau Street. There’s a lux decor with the fun inclusion of some piggies dotted around the place- that your ma can no doubt update her Facebook followers about. The menu is small enough with a seasonal and locally sourced collection of modern-Irish dishes. The team have put together an excellent wine list, which will please even the pickiest of palates.

4. Spitalfields

The Liberties’s 25 The Coombe, more info here

Don’t let the outside of Spitalfields deceive you, what ostensibly looks like a boozer is actually a hyper-modern gastropub. Set in a sleepy part of the Coombe, the place has a lovely relaxed atmosphere, it’s nice and dark inside with no boom-boom music that might offend parental ears. The menu is a classic reworking of Irish dishes, with dishes that might be a bit triggering to the parents (think pigs ears, cabbage and bacon) but when they try them they’ll be converted. It’s a great space for a relaxed dinner with the space to enjoy a few quiet ones afterwards.

3. The Washerwoman

Glasnevin’s 60 Glasnevin Hill, more info here

The cosy little spot on Glasnevin Hill is a great shout if you and your parents are ever in the area or indeed doing a tour of Glasnevin graveyard or the Botanic Gardens. They have a great hearty menu, with enough classic dishes that will keep the fussiest of eaters happy. As it’s a little out of town it has a more relaxed neighbourhood feel which some parents will really appreciate if they have been in the hustle and bustle of town.

2. Winding Stair

Dublin 1’s 40 Ormond Quay Lower, more info here

A classic for a reason, the Winding Stair has a paired-back but classic menu that really appeals to parents. They only work with great suppliers too so chances are your da will say ‘that’s a great lump of meat’ when he gets a look at his main. The staff are super professional and charming, the type of people your parents wish you could have been friends with during your teenage years. It’s a beautiful relaxed space, and very central too if you are meeting the rents post big shopping trip in town.

1 Wuff

Smithfield’s 23 Benburb Street, more info here

Hands down, the ultimate parent-friendly spot has to be Wuff. A cosy locally-owned neighbourhood Bistro that serves modern European dishes throughout the week. The occasional Luas-aside, the big-windowed spot is in a lovely and quiet part of town. The ambience is chilled and unpretentious, and it’s somewhere I’ve personally brought my parents to a couple of times and they’ve always had a great time. It’s a spot that can cater for a lot of different types of eaters (from the fry-fan to the avo toast-eater) without sacrificing on taste.


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