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05th Oct 2023

In the market for new art? This online gallery makes the process so much easier

Sarah McKenna

‘Cos a home isn’t a home without art hanging on the walls

Art has the power to inspire, it lets us express ourselves, and when we have it in our home, it sparks joy and brings a sense of pride to our space. Finding artwork that resonates with us personally can be challenging, in typical circumstances it can take decades, plenty of travel and touring around umpteen openings and galleries to find your chosen pieces.

Also, the process of buying art can be a little fraught, with plenty of questions about pricing, processing payments and delivery methods remaining shrouded in mystery and sometimes a little hard to navigate. One company, however, is on a mission to make the process of buying art an absolute dream from start to finish.

SINGULART is an online art gallery that aims to make it easier than ever to buy art while making the art world a more inclusive and diverse space.

So, why shop with SINGULART? Well, for starters, the website hosts a huge variety of art. From painting to sculpture to photography to prints, there really is something for everything. Once you have an idea of what you’d like, you can then shop via category, topic, artist or even price range.

What’s more, if you’re looking for inspiration, SINGULART is on hand to help out. On their website, you can browse fresh new artists, trending artworks and the curator’s selection for each week. If you want to really personalise the experience, you can browse artwork that has been specially curated for you by the SINGULART team.

As well as making the process of buying art easier and more accessible than ever, SINGULART is committed to making the art world a more inclusive place. SINGULART works directly with artists from all backgrounds and provides them with international visibility. Since operations began in 2017, the online art gallery has worked with 12,000 artists from 110 countries. In museums in the United States, works created by women represent just 11% of the collections, but at SINGULART, that number rises to 49%. They also nurture up-and-coming artists with balthasart, which helps artists overcome the hurdles they often face when they start out.

Ready to explore SINGULART’s collection for yourself? You can browse and buy artwork right here.

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