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20th Jan 2017

15 Times The Guards Had Way Too Much Fun On Twitter


If you don’t follow An Garda Síochána on Twitter, you need to.

While you might think the official Twitter account for our national police force would be a bit strait-laced, issuing public service announcements and whatnot – which is does – it also throws in the occasional gas tweet seemingly out of nowhere.

You want examples? You got ’em.

When Pokemon Go suddenly became a thing

They’re not afraid to go a bit continental

They love a good pun

Their wanted notices look like this

Even the most eco-friendly citizens aren’t above the law

They really can’t resist a gag

They’re great for farcical PSAs

Was mentioning this screensaver reeeally necessary?

“Life’s a beach”

They don’t take themselves too seriously

That time they arrested a couple of dogs

Here’s why you never commit a crime to buy chips

They’re in favour of audience participation

Spice bag updates

This post looks like it’d be more at home on The Rubberbandits Twitter page

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