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18th Dec 2018

PIC: Canadian Girl Just Tweeted A Controversial Statement About Dublin And Dubliners Are Laying Into Her

Darragh Berry

When it comes to the capital, it feels like anyone from here can give out about it as much as they want.

But when someone not born and raised in Dublin tries to put it down, the claws come out in a big way.

So, when Piers Morgan posted this controversial tweet about Dublin on a recent visit, Dubliners absolutely ate him alive.

And as controversial and negative as Piers Morgan can be, you can sure that when he posted this tweet, he probably thought that it was a positive outlook on our fair city.

He was soon left wishing that he had kept it in drafts, we’d say with the comments he got about it.

Now it’s the turn of a Canadian girl who lived in Dublin for 6 years.

She posted a tweet on her profile about Dublin but it soon turned viral considering what it said.

American Dublin Tweet

Her tweet says:

“Ireland for the Irish.

“As someone who lived in Dublin for 6 years, it’s absolutely heartbreaking to watch it turn into a soulless, characterless, multicultural hellscape.

“Will the Irish go down without a fight? Not likely.”

The replies were not understanding of her point to say the least:

“Oh aye, a soulless hellscape. Not like the bygone glory days of 2012 when she rocked up in the middle of the f****** recession.”

“Someone replied to her saying something along the lines of ‘anytime i visit i stay in the Gaeltacht because that’s where the real Ireland is’, ffs like, they’re actually complaining that Ireland is getting culturalised by THEIR culture, absolute weapons.”

It’s hilarious how she doesn’t cop that she’s part of Ireland becoming more multicultural.” (Sidenote: The girl in question is “Canadian with Irish ancestors” posting a screenshot of ancestry results “for all the Irish calling me a yank”)

“Imagine being from America [sic] and calling another place ‘characterless’.”

The backlash got so bad for the girl that she was forced to put her account on private.

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