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01st Sep 2017

This Pop-Up Pet Café Is Opening Up For Just One Day Only


Last Saturday we teamed up with Leader Dog Food, a Connolly’s RED MILLS product, and Lock 6 to create a dog lover’s dream. 

We had plenty of adorable pooches, an amazing brunch spread, a grand stroll and some glorious sunshine.

Feeling like you missed out? Well, we’re not gonna lie – you did. But thankfully we had our photographer, Aifric ni Chriodain, on hand to take some brilliant snaps of all our new friends.

Get a load of these cuties…

Dsc 0424
Dsc 0614
Dsc 0620
Dsc 0598
Dsc 0573
Dsc 0582
Dsc 0704
Dsc 0766
Dsc 0785
Dsc 0813
Dsc 0722
Dsc 0537
Dsc 0645
Dsc 0463
Dsc 0636
Dsc 0885
Dsc 0846
Dsc 0827
Dsc 0083
Dsc 0099
Dsc 0187
Dsc 0059
Dsc 0053
Dsc 0027
Dsc 0170
Dsc 0153
Dsc 0141