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17th Feb 2020

Temple Bar cafe giving away free coffee to first 50 customers this morning

Sarah Finnan

free coffee Dublin

Free coffee of a Monday morning would definitely help to set the tone for the rest of the week.

Coffee helps Monday feel less blue. And if that coffee happens to be free? Well, that’s a winning combination right there.

Especially in Dublin where a cup of the God’s brew can set you back anywhere from €3 to almost €5 – a serious impediment to my saving endeavours. That and brunch, but I suppose you can’t bring your money to the grave and I’d rather be well-fed anyways.

Anyone wandering around the Temple Bar area this fine Monday morning should make it their mission to call into Cocobrew on Bedford Row for their caffeine fix.

Recently gifted a bag of washed Arabic yellow caturra Peruvian coffee by the Embassy of Peru in Ireland, the guys at Cocobrew have roasted the beans onsite and are celebrating by giving away  50 cups of joe totally free of charge.

Great news of a Monday I think you’ll agree. And if your coffee is free, you might as well treat yourself to a spot of brekkie to go along with it.

Their protein pancakes are equal parts healthy and delicious.

Though this also looks like a winner.

Get down quick…grab one for your boss and I’m sure they’ll understand why you’re a little late.

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