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23rd Nov 2019

There’s a pop-up restaurant event connecting Dublin with NYC

Sarah Finnan

This Fairytale of New York & Dublin dining experience allows emigrants to have dinner with family, despite living abroad.

Now in its second year, last year saw the Connected Restaurant link up families in Dublin and Sydney. This year’s event connects Dublin and NYC.

For some, Christmas can be quite a lonely time. Especially if you’re away from home, far from friends and family.

Hoping to help alleviate homesickness, Three has organised an event for people living in the Big Apple.

The Connected Restaurant is a pop-up event that allows family and friends on opposite sides of the Atlantic to sit down and share a meal together.

How exactly?

Powered by Samsung technology, the unique dining experience serves up Christmas dinner across two time zones so that 5,000km doesn’t feel so far anymore.

Aiming to connect people who might not be able to make it home for Christmas

Diners will be treated to a specially curated festive menu designed by Flynn McGarry and inspired by the flavours of Christmas and Ireland. Both locations will share the same menu meaning that those abroad can still have a taste of home.

The restaurant will be housed in As One in Dublin’s City Quay while the New York venue will be in R&D in Manhattan.

Running for just three days, it will be open from December 6th until December 8th. Have a look at the website to book your table.

Here’s a look at how last year went down.

Star spreadin’ the news.


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