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20th Dec 2016

‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy Returns To The Big Screen At The Sugar Club This Month


Lovers of The Dark Knight trilogy, rejoice! The iconic Batman flicks will be shown on the big screen at The Sugar Club this month.

Christopher Nolan’s franchise reinvigorated the tired DC Comics’ character by making him grittier and more grounded than his previous cinematic incarnations, following a grieving Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) on his mission to save Gotham City from its criminal underworld.

Remind yourself of the three movies with their trailers below.

‘Batman Begins’

‘The Dark Knight’

‘The Dark Knight Rises’

If you’re worried this is gonna be some sorta bum-numbing movie marathon, never fear: the screenings take place on three separate nights. Batman Begins will be shown on November 14, The Dark Knight on November 17, and The Dark Knight Rises on November 20.

As with most screenings at the Leeson Street venue, you can expect gourmet popcorn, cocktails, pizzas, beers and table service during the flicks.

Tickets are €12.50 (excluding booking fee) and you can pick them up here.

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