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16th Jul 2021

Looking for a weekend wind down? Rooftop yoga might be the activity for you

Brian Dillon

Looking for a weekend wind down? You can do yoga on one of the most stunning rooftops in Dublin

Is rooftop yoga the ultimate relaxation in Dublin?

Let’s be real for a minute. Working from home, even after more than a year, can be a rollercoaster. Some days you feel zen and other days you feel like you have 10 conversations going on in your head at once.

I resisted yoga for so long, but having finally taken the plunge and attending zoom classes, I have found it to be the ultimate relaxation tool. I didn’t realise how tight my hips got from sitting at my kitchen table all day, every day.

Naturally, I was intrigued when I discovered that there is a stunning rooftop yoga in one of the most scenic spots in the city. Taking place at the Marker Hotel at Grand Canal Dock, the 60-minute class costs €25 for non-residents and takes place 9.30am every Saturday.

Lead by yoga instructor Dani Sheil and her team, the classes consist of on stillness, movement, breath and meditation, with the aim of setting you up with the energy and balance you need to make the most of your weekend. Plus, mats and blocks are provided for you, but you are also welcome to bring along your own equipment if you would prefer.

Dani has been teaching yoga since 2002, having trained initially in New York City. Like many, Dani believes that yoga is a great tool to relieve stress and tension. I have to say, I agree with her.

Want to find out more and book a spot? You can do so by heading here.

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