11 Simple Dublin Rules To Live By To Make Your Life Hella Easier

Tips and tricks for dealing with city life

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City life getting you down? 

It doesn't have to. Make the city yours with these simple, yet effective, tips. In no time, you'll be walking around like you own the place. 

Now, get learnin'.

1. If there's a route that avoids Grafton Street, take it 

Dawson, South Anne, man-hole – whatever, just take it.

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2. If you ever frequent The Shelbourne...

...don't feel out of place, and order The Restoration. 

It's light, refreshing and made with gin. AND, it's not on the menu, so you'll feel like you fit right in. Even if you do only have €1.39 to your name. (But if you truly only have €1.39, do not go into the Shelbourne. The Restoration is €14. You've been warned.)

3. Need to pee and in the middle of town?

Hit up Brown Thomas. Their bathrooms are made of gold and Molton Brown. And you get to catch a glimpse of the beautiful people. 

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4. Going to Bunsen?

Get the skinny fries. You get way more chip for your buck. 

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5. If you're getting a bus home after work...

...chill for 20 mins and wait to get the bus at 6pm. Buses at 5pm are merciless and often stationary for most of the journey.

Dublin Bus

6. When weather extremes hit...

...and you have neither an umbrella nor a sun hat, get yourself into one of the many national museums. They're all free, all air-conditioned and all pretty slick.  

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7. Looking for the best pint of Guinness?

Toners. There ain't no finer pint. 

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8. Day drinking? 

Do it on the cheap with this handy list

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9. Avoid Temple Bar like The Plague

It's not worth it.

It never is.

10. Put an automatic top-up on your Leap Card

Avoid the queues like a boss. 


11. And for God's sake, buy the €10 umbrella

Yes, they're enormous and yes, pricey - but they're so much better than those crappy ones that turn upside down upon stepping outside your door.

Fork out the tenner, lads.


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Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin. kate@lovin.com