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20th Dec 2016

9 Dublin Pubs And Bars That Will Stay Football-Free During The Euros

Alana Laverty

Did you think you’d be hiding indoors and acting the recluse for the next month just to avoid the Euros chaos?

Well think again because we’ve got you covered my friend. 

Here’s a list of Euros free zones throughout the city. Uh huh.

1. Drury Buildings

A G&T in peace in the nicest bar on Drury Street. The dream.

2. Cassidys of Westmoreland Street

Escape the bleedin’ footie and go enjoy some good vibes and game boards in this alt pub on Westmoreland Street. 

Not to be confused with Cassidy’s of Camden Street which is pretty much the footballiest place on earth.

3. Grogans

Avoiding the Euros does not mean you have become a hermit. Everybody’s fave city centre pub, Grogans, won’t be showing the games – so you can still enjoy your pint of Guinness and social life. Particularly if it’s sunny.


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4. Ely Place

A Euros-free zone with free Cava?! Dreams do come true. 

Sending love to Ely Place off Baggot Street Lower for supporting us sport-challenged beings. 

5. The Old Spot

This beaut of a bar on Bath Avenue is also offering refuge to those running for the hills from the Euros – and while you’re there, you’re going to need to check out some of their top-notch grub.

Be rude not to.

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6. The Cobblestone

Why have football when you can have live trad, eh?


7. Sophie’s @ The Dean

With DJs and drinks as good as theirs you don’t need no football.

Even a brunch and coffee free from Euros buzz would be great – don’t speak around me, thanks. And if you hate lifts and stairs, the lobby bar will also be devoid of the round ball.

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8. Vintage Cocktail Club

We knew we could depend on you to be Euros free. Praise the Lord. 

9. Mulligans

Want to stay clear of the football, but also avoid these city slicker places?

This New York Times-recommended Stoneybatter spot will keep you safe and sound from any Euros-related notions. And sure their food is only feckin’ unreal – you won’t go hungry. 


Social life saved?

Yeah, me too thank God. 

Don’t let anyone hassle you for avoiding the Euros chaos – it just ain’t for you and that’s okay.