A Mysterious And Intriguingly Named Restaurant Called 'Porndog' Is Coming To Dublin Soon

They had us at growlers


A restaurant called Porndog is soon to open its doors in Dublin and we are decidedly intrigued by it.

While details about Porndog remain vague, we do know they'll have a selection of spicy dogs and growlers. At the moment, however, Porndog is still in the process of setting up shop. Here's one of their Facebook posts about the type of people they'd like to join their team:

Porndog is looking for chefs with an interest or skill set in classic methods, such as in house sausage making, curing & smoking - creating suitable spice blends. Vegetable pickling, fermenting & preserving (eg. Sauerkraut, kimchi, gherkins). Bread, Flatbread & Bun baking (eg. brioche, sourdough, focaccia).


Pic: Porndog


Pic: Porndog


Pic: Porndog

The business is also on the lookout for waiting staff and baristas, so if you or someone one know would like to join the dog and growler joint's team you can contact them at their Facebook page here.

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