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A Unit From Dublin Fire Brigade Was Attacked Early This Morning

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We are Dublin Fire Brigade’s biggest fans. 

So when we saw that they came under attack this morning while returning from a case early this morning our blood was literally boiling. 

We cannot even begin to imagine what these men and women endure, day in, day out – all for our city and county. They work long, late hours, see horrific scenes and put their own lives at risk to protect ours. 

On top of all of this they recently voted in favour of strike action following a dispute with Dublin City Council senior management over the outsourcing Dublin Fire Brigade Emergency Medical Service’s ambulance call and dispatch function. 

Something which the majority of DFB members are protesting strongly and urgently against. 

They’re only ever looking out for us – the citizens of Dublin. 

So the fact that somebody actually had the audacity and insolence to attack them as they made their way back to the station after a case this morning absolutely enrages us. 

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Whoever did this – grow up and cop the f*ck on. 

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