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16th Jul 2018

‘Annoyed Resident’ Pens Letter Complaining About Children Playing On Dublin Street

James Fenton

Many of us old fogeys often lament the fact that children are rarely seen playing on the streets of Dublin anymore.

Back in the ’90s and 2000s, us lot could spend a whole day on the road outside our houses, kicking a ball around, playing ‘tip the can’ and, ya know, being kids. The decline in these kinds of scenes has often been blamed on the advent of technology, which is seen to have led to an increase in children preferring indoor activities to outdoor.

For better or worse, in a more guarded modern society, some parents seem to prefer to supervise their children when they’re out playing and this has led to an increase in families heading to parks or other public spaces for fun days out.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem on Ailesbury Lawn in Dundrum, however. One resident has shared a letter they received from angry neighbour, saying that ‘it shows a complete lack of concern for other residents’ to allow children to play outside.

The note goes on to say that ‘this carry on will inevitably affect the saleable value of all properties in the area as who would buy into an area where kids run riot and their parents look on and encourage them?’

‘This is not a working class area!’

The full letter, posted to Twitter by Miriam Fitzpatrick and signed ‘Annoyed Resident’ can be read below:

Do you think the complainant has a point or do you think they should lighten up a little? Let us know in the comments.

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