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02nd Aug 2018

Sick – Tourists Bitten By Bed Bugs In This Dublin Hotel

Darragh Berry

A Finnish couple who stayed in Dublin for a month-long holiday were left disgusted after they discovered bed bugs in their room.

They have been to Dublin multiple times over the last few years and opted for their usual hotel, The Celtic Lodge on Talbot Street.

However, their review on Tripadvisor, states that they:

“stayed in the room 101 and got a lot of bed bug bites. We also captured some and showed to the staff. The exterminator was called to spray the room and after two nights we went back there from another room, because they assured us it was safe and the bed bugs gone. But it soon turned out to be false, and after 45 minutes we saw yet another living specimen moving on the bed.

“Then we decided to stay in another room for the rest of our holiday and received, with difficulty, after contacting our lawyer, a tiny refund for this “small inconvenience” as the general manager Mark Adams said. But we discovered that after us an English family with a toddler was put in that same room with bed bugs! They left the next morning with bed bug bites. Even after that two Americans were sent to stay in that room and of course they also got bites and also took photos about the bugs!

“It is obvious that the owner Brian Moloney does not care about the paying customers’ health and safety, or about the reputation of this guest house. Apparently the infestation is still going on.

“It is a pity, since the rest of the staff is very friendly and helpful and the location ideal.”

The hotel said that the guests had been refunded and that this was an isolated issue according to The Irish Independent.

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