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21st Apr 2021

Common things said during every Dublin taxi journey: translated

Brian Dillon

Common things said during every Dublin taxi journey: translated

When you think about it, the typical Dublin taxi journey is actually kind of gas, isn’t it? Like, we say the same things over and over again, just so we don’t feel awkward.

So, I thought we would take a deep dive into the unique experience that is getting a taxi in Dublin and have a look at some of the things we say and what they actually mean. Let’s start off with an obvious one.

“Busy tonight?”

Translation: I am so sorry, I know you are probably asked this all of the time. But I literally can’t think of anything else to say right now. When I get into a taxi, my social skills go out the window.

“You out long?”

Again, I am unsure of what to say but I feel like we should have at least a little bit of chat.

“Will you work late?”

Same as the above. Again, I am so sorry for my awkwardness.

“Anywhere here is fine”

My house is actually a five-minute walk from here but I am so terrified of inconveniencing people that I will just get out here.

“Yeah just heading for a few tonight”

I am going to have so many regrets in the morning and I know you see through my lies.

“Do you mind stopping at an ATM for me?”

I am desperately sorry for how much of a pain I’m being, but I literally don’t have a red cent in cash.

“Busy in town tonight, isn’t it?”

I am acknowledging what you can clearly see with your own eyes.

“Some traffic isn’t it?”

Once again, I am pointing out what you can clearly see for yourself.

“My Dad’s brother’s wife’s son’s friend’s uncle’s mate is a taxi driver. Do you know him?

Because I am sure every single taxi driver in the country knows each other. I have to say I am horrendously guilty of this as my Dad is, in fact, a taxi driver.

“Can you higher that song up?” 

I’ve had a couple of tipples and I’m feeling confident.

And there you have it. I have to say, the taxi journey into town is perhaps one of the things I didn’t expect to miss so much about nights out in Dublin. Yet, here I am, fantasising about the absolute chats I have for that 20-minute journey.

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