Dance Your Way Into 2015 With An Early Morning Rave


Want to get healthy but an hour on the treadmill bores you to tears? Not to worry, Morning Gloryville are back again this week with another one of their morning raves. Instead of going to the gym before work, just grab your most florescent gear and head down to Hangar this Wednesday morning instead!

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Morning Gloryville, the early morning rave, sees hundreds of enthusiastic booty shakers dance before dawn every month in probably the most fun and unique way to start the day. Start your day at 6.30am on Wednesday to the sound of some insane beats and rave your way to a rock hard set of abs! Tickets cost €15 and can be bought here, the raves only happens once a month so try not to miss it. They will also have yoga classes and healthy breakfast options available, so it really is your one stop shop for all things fun and fitness this week!

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