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03rd Jul 2017

Dublin City Has A Brand New Bar – And Here’s All You Need To Know About It


Well, have we got news for you… Dublin 2 has bagged itself a brand new bar. 

33 Tara Street has been renovated, rebooted and recapitulated into the skyline in the form of the absolutely gorgeous Ruin Bar. Lined with cool murals and artistic designs, Dublin 2 has bagged a deadly little pub in the haven that is Ruin.

The bar itself is a new project by Camden Exchange with inspiration from the ruin bars in Budapest.

These unassuming haunts have been around for years and are built in the ruins of abandoned buildings – giving off the impression of secrecy, while developing an incredible underground bar scene. 

What was once known as the beloved Mac Turcaills, is now Tara Street’s brightest sparkle – right across the road from the Irish Times building. 

Their drinks menu is as extensive as it is mouth-watering – with everything from to Wicklow Wolf to Long Ireland Iced Teas. 

And yes, they have all the gin you could possibly hope for. All of them. 

But what really leaves an impression is the meticulous attention to detail. 

Each wall is adorned with an incredible piece for you to gaze upon while you devour your treats and imbibe enthusiastically. Each wooden menu is decorated individually by either bar staff or invited members of the Dublin bar scene – and their menu is designed to delight every pallet; vegan, carnivorous or otherwise. 

Everything from roast chicken to truffle fries to fish tacos is ready and waiting for you to devour – and the reasonable prices won’t leave you feeling worse for wear after. Even if you do eat all the wings… 

Which you will, cause they’re insane. 

Pay Ruin Bar a visit this summer at 33 Tara Street, Dublin 2. 

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