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02nd Mar 2018

WATCH: Exact Moment Dublin City Lost Power Was Caught On Camera Last Night

Darragh Berry

Timing is key and you couldn’t have asked for better timing than when this video was taken. 

Niall Morris, a singer producer writer and actor living in Dublin city was filming some of the scenes that Storm Emma brought with her in the early hours of Friday morning.  

Firstly, he took a wonderful snap from his apartment window which he described as Dublin looking like scenes from the End of the world.

“Will there be anything left when I wake up tomorrow?” he asks and at the time. We couldn’t have given him a straight answer but thankfully we seem to be over the worst of it as the blizzard conditions have settled down and the public safety notice has been lifted. 

Even though the place is covered in snow

Moments after that picture was taken, Niall decided to film a quick video of all the pretty and well lit houses and buildings that were covered in snow. 

Around 15 seconds in, a flash of thunder strikes Dublin city followed by complete and utter darkness. 

Niall managed to catch it all on his camera.

A truly wonderful, dramatic and frightening moment all wrapped into one. We have a feeling that this video will be shown the world over today.

Thanks to Storyful and Niall Morris for giving us permission to use his video. 

If you have any snow videos, send them into us on Facebook or direct to [email protected] please for a chance to be featured on site!

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