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PIC: This Controversial Dublin Job Advertisement Has Been Taken Down Already

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It’s no surprise that this advertisement was taken down within a couple of hours of being published on Indeed.

The ad in question was for an Office Worker for a Dublin Oil Company in Malahide.

The piece was short but certainly not sweet because one of the first pieces of information on the advertisement is that anyone who has “young children need not apply.”

They company wanted someone with a great knowledge of Dublin who would be able to answer the phone and has computer skills for this temporary job.

But, if you’re able to do all those things but you have young children, well you wouldn’t be even looked at for the job.

But if you do have young children, they wouldn’t have even seen your CV because sure you “need not apply.”

It caused outrage online and left a lot of people upset and angry. One person asked if stating this in the job spec was illegal, which of course it is.

Discrimination of the highest order.

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