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01st Mar 2018

VIDEO: Dublin Mammy’s Reaction To Drifting In Snow For First Time Is Everything You’d Expect

Darragh Berry

There isn’t much to do when it’s snowing this heavy in Ireland. There’s only so many snowball fights you can have and only so many snowmen you can make. 

You can go for a drive but you have to do so at a snail’s pace considering the roads are as lethal as they are. 

Alexandra Molloy decided to take her mother, Anne Murray, out for a spin with Alan Murray as the pilot.

They were driving carefully in a big open space in Shankill when Alan decided to surprise his mammy by putting the handbrake up a click and letting the car slide back and forth for a little bit. 

His mammy was not impressed at all and shouts “Alaaaannn don’t, you could get arrested.”

She has only recovered from the shock of it all when Alan does it again and it’s here when Anne gets into an awful tizzy and is afraid that Alan is going to hit a pole or a car that is well out of his way. 

We didn’t realise you could do so much shouting while keeping a cigarette firmly in your mouth and smoking away.

Every mother would probably react in a similar fashion.

We’d say Anne’s nerves are gone after her little adventure but we’re sure she’s being well looked after in her household today.

The above maneuver is in fact very risky and we don’t advise anyone to go out and recreate the move. 

Everyone should listen to official advice and stay in off the roads until the red warning has passed. 

Thanks to Alexandra Molloy for sending that video on to us. 

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