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23rd Jan 2018

WATCH: This Dublin ‘Movie Trailer’ About Renting Is So Accurate That It’s Painfully Funny

Darragh Berry

The less we say about renting in Dublin, the better.

Trying to find the ideal place to rent is NEXT TO NEAR IMPOSSIBLE without pumping a lot of your wages into it each week/month. 

Well, this spoof Dublin movie trailer – created by Newscheck with David Atkinson – follows the adventures of Laura, a girl from outside The Pale who dreams of big adventures in the city, watching “KeyWest on Grafton Street” and “trying her first donut.”

And it’s something that everyone in the renting game in Dublin has come across in their time. 

Then, she gets a dreaded visit from her landlord who tells her that they have to “renovate the house” but not to be surprised if she sees it up online next week for “three times the price because that’s just the market”

Laura doesn’t want to leave her happy little home but she has no choice. She gets offers from her mother to “move back home”. A kind friend tells her that she can “use [his] tent from Body & Soul last year” but she’s not desperate enough to accept a €400 a month room in Navan with her own bathroom.

“Not a fucking hope.”

If the video is not working for you in the article, you can also find it here

Exclusive screening will take place in that “fancy cinema in Rathmines and no where else”.

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