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20th Jun 2018

Capital Group Claim Dublin Died As A City The Day That This Happened

Darragh Berry

O’Connell Street Revival Society is a voluntary association with one simple aim: the complete social, cultural and economic revival of O’Connell Street.

The group were on Pat Kenny’s Newstalk show on Tuesday and said that O’Connell Street was only known now for its derelict buildings, fast food establishments and crime and that the closing of Clerys department store in 2015, “killed” the street.

They are saying that city planners are forever ignoring the desperate plea to overhaul the street.

A spokesperson for the group said that:

“The Clerys closure has effectively killed this side of O’Connell Street.

“People have a negative view of O’Connell Street. Almost a fifth of the street now is derelict or empty.

“Until that’s resolved, people will continue to have that negative view.”

“There’s a lot of new development happening around Smithfield, Capel Street right through to Parnell Street.

“But O’Connell Street seems to be neglected because it’s at the edge of a lot of plans.

“If O’Connell Street is in tatters, the city is in tatters. This is what visitors see when they come to Dublin.

“They don’t worry about small streets that are very interesting – they just say, your main street is neglected – what does that say about your city?

The section on the programme is entitled: Is Dublin’s O’Connell Street Being Allowed To Fail?

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