PIC: Dubliners Warned Not To Answer This Dublin Phone Number As It's A Scam

It looks normal but it could cost you thousands of euro if you answer...

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Nine times out of ten, you'll see a number you don't know and you'll just let it ring all the way through to voicemail.

But, when that number says the location, 'Dublin', underneath it you're going to be more likely to press the green button.

However, if you answer what looks to be this regular capital number, you could be scammed out of thousands of euro.

Ronnie Duignan took to Facebook to warn others about a Dublin phone call which is meant to be from Revenue.

He said:

"Please be aware!!! There are calls being made from numbers similar to this from scammers who say they are calling from revenue regarding a tax rebate. They will not ask any security question or other info except your bank card details. Hang up straight away!! Spread the word."

It is unsure whether this is a wangari scam but it is recommended that you do not answer or hang up straight away if you think the number is suspicious.

Sidenote: Wangari phone calls are when you are charged a colossal amount for answering the phone call or, you could be told to ring the number back and you'll be charged an extortionate rate for ringing back.

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Darragh Berry

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