Dublin Restaurant To Boycott Israeli Produce - Should Others Follow Suit?

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The conflict in Gaza has been splitting opinions around the world and one chain of Dublin wine bars (or you could call it a gastro pub) has decided to boycott all Israeli produce going forward. They say it is one small step that they can take to voice their concern about what is happening. This is also happening on a more organised scale in other European countries. You can read the heated debate on the two posts below and we'd love to hear what you think about this growing trend in Dublin.

We are not a political blog so don't want to add comment on the actions of The Exchequer but we have now seen about 10 businesses around the country starting to get involved with this sort of action. Is it fair? Will it work? Should others follow suit? Should restaurants just focus on cooking and forget politics? Is it a tiny step that could lead to bigger change in a country 1000s of miles away? Let us know what you think?

Post by The Exchequer Dublin 2.

Heated Feedback

After the initial post there was some heated debate in the thread with name calling and the post descending into a political debate.

Post by The Exchequer Dublin 2.


You can see a full selection of photos from the exchequer here

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